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Aug Posts: Ur fren is as curious as a cat leh Ya haha he keep cursing i get the 5m gold LOL. In other words, it's a way to create additional income without taking on the risks of going full throttle into the world of working for yourself. The beauty of side hustles is that they can be started with little or no money.

They're most often passion projects, ways for a person to take something they already love and maybe earn a bit of extra cash. But the most important ingredient to starting a successful side hustle is action. If you don't take action, nothing else matters. Power , or the ability to get things done.

In salary negotiations, you gain power from perceived expertise or legitimacy. The better qualified you are for a position, the more leverage your have.


You also gain power through persistence, attitude, and taking calculated risks. In negotiations, the side with the most time generally has an advantage. Having other options buys you time. When you believe you have to have something, the other side can easily manipulate you. Information is the final piece of the puzzle. The more you know, the stronger your position. Do your research before you negotiate. During negotiations, act on whatever new info comes to light. Spare change: Awesome articles from elsewhere Five signs you're ready to buy a house 18 two-minute financial chores for when you have a little free time Why it makes sense to spend your money where you spend your time Three reasons it makes sense to keep working even after you have enough to retire You can own a piece of the royalties to the film Trading Places.

The benefits of practicing gratitude Find an archive of all past spare change links on Pinboard. Click through for a slightly larger version of this ad. I know it's a bit tough to read. Sinetar is a proponent of what she calls Right Livelihood: Doing your best at what you do best. I get it. I've been there myself. But I do have a few accomplishments that might give you some confidence: Personal experience. I was able to grow my income by 8. Corporate experience. In addition to managing my own career, I saw countless colleagues and subordinates managing or, mostly, not managing theirs.

So along the way I learned a bit about growing your career, how to get ahead, and how companies view employees. There are thousands of books and millions of web pages about career management. I've read many of them and tried a variety of techniques. I will say that most of them are virtually worthless, but there are some nuggets of wisdom that I've applied and learned from. Millionaires do it. I've interviewed over 30 millionaires and more on the way. Almost every one of them has developed a high income by applying the skills below which have accounted for a large part of their success.

Consider heading to the Heartland. Our analysis Get Rich Slowly used a weighted-average method with the following factors and sources. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC data on deposits per state was divided by the state population to find total deposits per capita.

States with a higher total of deposits per capita were given the highest score in this category. Totals are written per thousand. Average credit card debt per household by state as measured by Equifax, a leading credit-scoring agency. States with the least amount of credit card debt were ranked the highest in this category. States with the highest marginal income tax, according to state tax laws, scored the lowest. States that taxed income less, if at all, were given a higher score here.

Using proprietary data that Coupons. States that printed the most coupons through Coupons. South Carolina has an average credit card debt lower than six of the states in the top 10, but the fourth worst deposit rate in the country, landing the Palmetto State among the worst states for saving. While total coupons printed per state can rely heavily on population size, North Carolinians proved to be extra-savvy clippers, placing sixth in total coupons despite a population rank of ninth. Don't venture too far west to seek a serious savings lifestyle.

While Nevada placed fourth on the best-states-for-saving list, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, California and New Mexico all scored in the bottom 10 of the study. How did your state measure up? Top 10 best states for saving 1. South Dakota South Dakota, a state notorious for lackadaisical banking laws, managed to create the most advantageous climate for financial success. South Dakota Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Credit Card Debt: North Dakota Deposits Per Capita in thousands: North Carolina Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Nevada Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Illinois Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Texas Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Utah Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Pennsylvania Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Missouri Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Oklahoma Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Alabama Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Louisiana Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Wyoming Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Indiana Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Kansas Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Michigan Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Florida Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Ohio Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Massachusetts Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Tennessee Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Mississippi Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Iowa Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Nebraska Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Wisconsin Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Kentucky Deposits Per Capita in thousands: New York Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Minnesota Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Arkansas Deposits Per Capita in thousands: West Virginia Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Delaware Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Maine Deposits Per Capita in thousands: District of Columbia Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Virginia Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Montana Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Georgia Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Connecticut Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Rhode Island Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Washington Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Arizona Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Colorado Deposits Per Capita in thousands: New Hampshire Deposits Per Capita in thousands: New Jersey Deposits Per Capita in thousands: South Carolina Deposits Per Capita in thousands: New Mexico Deposits Per Capita in thousands: California Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Maryland Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Vermont Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Idaho Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Alaska Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Hawaii Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Oregon Deposits Per Capita in thousands: Fractenberg highlights the advice of psychologist Melanie Greenberg, author of The Stress-Proof Brain , who recommends focusing on two primary goals: Looking for a new job, and Taking care of yourself.

Although it may seem surprising, the latter goal should actually be a higher priority.

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  • Here, for instance, is the Khan Academy interview with a welder named Neil: Here are links to the sessions that have been completed: Week one: Introduction and overview Week two: Predictably irrational Week three: Getting paid Week four: Spend less than you make Week five: Your financial profile Week six: All about debt Week seven: Good investing is boring Week eight: Future sessions of the class will cover topics such as real estate and taxes. But Bryant did notice three recurring themes in the successful people he interviewed: Side Hustle Nation Fundamentally, there are only two ways to improve your financial situation: Guillebeau says there are five core steps to starting a side hustle: Build an arsenal of ideas.

    The first step is to brainstorm a list of ways that you could earn money in your spare time. How could you match your skills and resources to a product or service that people would pay for? List as many as you can think of, then weigh the pros and cons of each. Select your best idea.

    You can't do everything, of course, so you're going to have to narrow your list to the single best idea — the one that excites you the most. Learn how other people have done the same thing. Figure out who your ideal customer is.

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    Decide what it is you're going to sell. Prepare for liftoff. After you've chosen your product or service, it's time to prepare for launch. Figure out the core logistics issues.

    Set a price. Create your workflow. Don't worry about getting everything perfect, but do take the time to master the basics of your business. Launch before you're ready. This is a lesson I've had to learn the hard way. When to buy cheap airline tickets 10 Linchpin habits: Minimum effort for maximum results 18 Time is money: How frugality buys freedom — tomorrow AND today 17 More on the value of negotiating 8 How to negotiate your salary and earn an extra half-million dollars in your lifetime 12 Return of the frugal jerk 5 Best Cities to Retire 6 You and Your Work — Employment tips from 4 Land your dream job: How to find work that brings both joy and money 16 Five steps to make more money while growing your career 19 On the importance of putting first things first 27 How to get out of debt without gimmicks or games I was a frugal jerk 14 Developing Self-Reliance — Personal empowerment lessons from 4 How to shop for high-quality clothes 22 Your credit score — and why it matters 7 Financial independence, purpose, and happiness 2 Fighting lifestyle inflation: Hopping off the hedonic treadmill 29 Becoming proactive: The number-one secret to wealth, freedom, and happiness 32 How to use credit cards wisely: A definitive guide 13 My no-shopping experiment 35 The best and worst states for saving money and getting ahead 29 Your Thrift Habits — Budgeting tips from 6 Which online high yield savings account is best?

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    Side hustles: The good, the bad, and the ugly 11 Purpose and the value of money 17 How to get what you deserve when filing an insurance claim 9 My financial philosophy: The core tenets of Get Rich Slowly 28 I bought Get Rich Slowly! The return of J. Roth June How to Forecast Your Retirement Savings 5 How to Create Passive Income 2 The Essential Guide to Retirement 2 What is a Retirement Account?

    Taking a Broader View of Refinancing 1 Guide to Small Business Checking Accounts 0 Saving for Your Newborn 3 What is a Spousal IRA? Household Budgets for Beginners: Simple Tips for Success 4 Market-linked CDs Explained 0 How Not to Overspend 0 The Savers Tax Credit Explained 6 Best Books for Beginning Investors 3 Beginners' Guide to Investing 1 Prepaid Plans 1 How to Save Money on Thanksgiving Day 1 How to Start Investing in Stocks 2 The Newlyweds' Guide to Money 0 The High Cost of Working Sick 2 What's the Cure for the High Cost of Prescriptions?

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    How to optimize your resume for employment gaps 18 What is your just-getting-started story? How to start paying student loans — best practices guide 18 Keeping a Pet Healthy on a Budget 25 When investing in yourself is wise 38 August Side job helps chop year payoff plan to 6 months 30 Why you should make a home your first investment 69 How much does it cost to start a side gig? How to Invest in Index Funds 8 What you need to succeed against the odds 23 Master this personal finance concept 45 Should you buy a home or invest?

    So easy, it's barely cooking: Healthy, simple recipes 10 What is an index fund exactly? What is the most difficult part of running your own business? Investing A primer on mutual funds 7 The identity theft no one is talking about 2 What sparked my investigation into medical identity theft 4 Summertime reads: How to get cheap or free books 31 How to navigate relationships as your finances change 8 Meal plans and delivery programs — costly or cost-effective? Why you should avoid sales tax holidays 14 Overcoming the fear of investing 28 Hourly vs.

    Which is Better? Strategies for an affordable college education 53 Act fast for double cash back rewards from Discover 14 Getting real and serious about your financial future 16 Your teen's summer jobs could be their first million 24 Do you practice retiring? Alternatives to the multi-generational survival tool 32 Retire at A year-old in pursuit of financial freedom 13 Summer splurges you might regret 17 Balancing expectations for bonus-and-raise season 17 What the Chinese stock market crash can teach you 9 How Social Security can help you catch up on retirement savings 36 Revisiting the credit union vs.

    Which is better?

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    The benefits of paying yourself first 26 Limited income, big family, major savings: Meet the Economides clan 15 Ready to declare financial independence? How much do you spend on fireworks? The good side of quitting 24 Ideas for a cheap vacation 21 How we saved big with a balance transfer 18 Real-life case study: Should I save money or pay off debt?

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    Recognizing economic seasons: Understanding economic cycles: An introduction 13 Have you ever opened a retirement account to reduce your taxes? What McDonald's and Walmart raising wages could mean for the economy 27 How to build wealth from scratch 39 How to build community relationships 9 What rate of return are you seeking and how much risk will you accept?

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    How to achieve long-term financial goals 16 Why gold should be part of your investment portfolio 47 Should gold be part of my portfolio? Personal finance and the long game 15 Do you measure your progress? How can retirement affect your health? Should you travel in your 20s? How much are you willing to sacrifice to reach your financial goals?

    The rise of alternative investments 25 How to dispute credit card charges 13 How to Ladder CDs 24 Do you use technology to save money? Replacing our HVAC: