Deals gap motorcycle wrecks

This lie was started by our major competitor and variations of the lie continue to be told to people who ask about our products.

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Obviously it is not true. We are here and and our competitor knows where we are. We will continue to provide our visitors honest answers to their questions Motorcycles are about to be banned from US The road will be closed to all motorized traffic allowing only bicycles and pedestrians. We have heard this one for years and now it's back.

We were told that riders attending the recent Survivor's Rally in Cherokee were passing it around again.

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It likely originated with people fearing that the increased motorcycle traffic and accidents would precipitate a reaction from officials to ban the cycle traffic completely. There would be a huge outcry from riders, businesses in the area, and many legislators should such a move even be considered. Eighteen wheel trucks cannot even be banned so worry not about such ridiculous statements. The Tail of the Dragon is closed at times to allow racing We have heard this myth repeated many times over the years. The road has been closed at times, but for 15 minutes maximum. This was to allow filming of ads or movies.

The road has never been closed to allow any kind of racing. Originally ads called it the "Tail of the Dragon Hillclimb" intimating the race was on the Tail of the Dragon.

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Some of the web links still use Tail of the Dragon, but the event is now called Chasing the Dragon. The record time for riding the Dragon is nine minutes. True to some extent.

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  2. It has 318 curves in 11 miles.
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  4. There are riders past and present who can run the Dragon from the Overlook to the Crossroad of Time 9. These riders have been riding the Dragon for more than 10 years and know every nuance of the road.

    This was the original timed section for records back in the s when Deals Gap Riding Society was formed. To be official one had to make the run from the Overlook to the Crossroads, turn around, and return to the Overlook. The total time was divided by 2. Once there was a missing rider and girlfriend in the area. After a week of searching they were found down a steep enbankment on the Dragon. A well-maintained highway with curves in 11 miles. Motorcyclists and sports car enthusiasts flock to Deals Gap — the literal Tail of the Dragon — to start their ride. Sharp is a retired wine salesman from Algoma, Wis.


    Sharp, a cancer survivor, is roughly miles into an open-ended North American ride that has taken him from the Midwest to Labrador and the Carolinas. He blogs about his travels at ProstateCancerTorch. The posted speed limit is 30 mph. Oncoming traffic can barrel into view around any corner. The Dragon is edged by thick hardwood forests. At high noon, you can still be driving in shadows. There are no driveways or secondary roads hitting U. The road undulates on a fairly level course; there are no switchbacks ascending or descending peaks.

    The roadway on the Dragon is in great condition. Prime season for hitting the Dragon is spring through summer — and October, when the leaves are turning. The Dragon is popular with four-wheelers of all stripe. Sports car clubs visit the area on weekend caravans. After returning to Deals Gap, riders compare notes on their experience. Ron Johnson operates tailofthedragon. At his souvenir shop across U. Cyclist John Sharp, left, and Dale Walksler: Many visitors to the Dragon combine a ride on U.

    Deaths at Deal's Gap (Tail of the Dragon)

    Wheels Through Time holds more than historic motorcycles. Visitors to Wheels Through Time can put push pins on a map to indicate where they live. HD rider from Miami went off road, reason unknown possible heart attack. Friends and LEOs searched several hour before finding body. A female HD rider died at mm 5.

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    Another female died a month later in the same area. A 66 year old Goldwing rider died near mm 8. A 49 year old died two months after crashing at the Hump. One sportbike went off road and hit tree near Thunder Road Bend. One cruiser went off road in Ron's Run with rider suffering heart attack. One trike went off road and struck tree. One sportbike death in head-on near Parsons Branch. One low side at Guardrail Cliff.

    Trike versus a vehicle near the Wall claimed the lives of an older rider and his passenger. Both accidents in July. One rider went off road and hit tree another low sided into an oncoming vehicle. All three deaths involved failing to negociate corners - two went off the mountain and one slid into an oncoming vehicle.

    Both deaths apparently caused by speed and then overbraking. There were several deaths in the surrounding area of the Dragon, but none that we know of on the 11 miles of the Dragon itself. The rider was passing a car near the Horns of the Dragon when he wrecked and suffered fatal head injuries. The second death occurred on Sunday August 4 when Lendry R. Obanna Jr. The entire Blount County home of the Dragon saw a total of four motorycle fatalities in The total includes the deaths of a year-old Knoxville man who died March 10 in a collision on Old Knoxville Highway in Rockford, the May 5th death on the Dragon, the July 5th death of a year-old Maryville man in an accident on Happy Valley Road, and the October 27th death on the Dragon.

    Blount County had four motorcycle deaths in including one fatality on the Dragon. Only one motorcycle death in - No deaths: No fatal motorcycle crashes in A single motorcycle fatality is listed in A single motorcycle fatality in In , two men died in separate July 3 motorcycle crashes on the Dragon during the holiday weekend.

    The Biker in the Bank appeared on the Dragon in We think a passerby needed the boots. Here he lies with pistons and crank Buried up to his ass In the face of this bank He challenged the Dragon To have some fun As you can see, the Dragon won!! Had the opportunity to cruise "the Tail of the Dragon".

    Couldn't get my car out of second gear, so I thought Granted I took broad liberties in standardizing corners geometry, but I think the results are interesting. My idealized corner geometry is very simple:. Several earthen berms were constructed to prevent bikes from going down steep drop-offs. Many of the pull-offs were paved. Some additional warning signs were installed. Contrary to rumors there are no plans to install speed bumps. TN last repaved the Dragon in June of By Road: As the Crow Flies: Tabcat Bridge to NC 28 - 5. In the winter months traffic is extremely light, probably less than 50 vehicles a day.

    This means the other months have days much busier than the ADDT shown above. The Tennessee figures do not count the traffic coming into the Dragon from North Carolina that turns around and heads back into North Carolina.