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If you want to avoid a credit check, you'll have to call T-Mobile. Ask if they can give you free next day shipping. If you activate the device as a prepaid phone: Hence, the phone arrives as being still locked to tmobile. If you activate it as a post paid: Or buy the unlock code. Someone please update if these phones will work with Verizon. Technically possible since it's the same radio Correction: CUTCYSJY This post can be edited by most users to provide up-to-date information about developments of this thread based on user responses, and user findings.

Feel free to add, change or remove information shown here as it becomes available. This includes new coupons, rebates, ideas, thread summary, and similar items. Once a Thread Wiki is added to a thread, "Create Wiki" button will disappear. If you would like to learn more about Thread Wiki feature, click here. Link to this Wiki. Featured Comments. Just did this over the phone.

Galaxy S7 32GB (T-Mobile)

The lady I spoke to was surprised to find it so cheap and said she'd be buying one for her brother in law at lunch. Anyway, it's legit and I didn't have to sign up for or change any plan, I just upgraded my current device on my current plan. Go to Comment. Get the S7 edge and you will not regret. S7 has better screen and its size 5. Lg V10 has 5.

I have tested both cameras and S7 produces much better low light shots then then LG. If you listen to music then the DAC on V20 will blow you away. I also like the second screen on V10 better then the edge on S7. One more thing to consider is resale value. LG's reputation Is not very good due to its flagship phones getting stuck in Boot loop problems LG G4, V10 and even G5 so their value comes down super quick where as Samsung retains its value so if you want a better resale value then go for Samsung.

Good Luck. Table of Contents. I had a cookout last weekend. The table i had laid my phone on was blown over when the wind picked up. My phone has a morphie power pack as well causing it to land face up. I searched for the phone for three days before finding it in standing water. If you are like me and can destroy anything this is the phone for you.. This phone has one severe issue that trumps all of the good points of this phone, and that is a WiFi issue. There are a lot of reports of the WiFi not working when the Bluetooth is on, but my experience is even worse.

My WiFi data speed is slower then dial-up modem speeds.

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This is not just one phone, I had a pre-order that was returned, only to find the second phone had a identical issue. I have done all of the uninstall, reinstall, The factory resets, Tried different WiFi networks. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by MountainVet from Sturdy but sensitive. The phone is sturdy and thank you to the engineer who finally offset the screen off key from the volume down key.

Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-GT 32GB T-Mobile Branded SM5GTZKATMB

The keyboard is difficult to use, and I don't understand why it is so hard to make the pbone know up from down in rotate mode. Great screen, very vivid, a bit too sensitive but a great phone. Rated 5 out of 5 by Nodumbblonde from New to Androids I am impressed with the beauty and functionality of this phone.

Am still learning my way around android system. My service provider store reps did the setup and transfer from my last phone, and also installed the strong protective screen guard in the event the phone decides to inadvertently take a "ground flight". Love the camera! The S7 Edge is perfect weight, feels like high quality, Paired easily with my Bluetooth devices seamlessly. Busy exploring the apps and all the amenities of the device. Also located a really nice "back protective jacket" in the exact same color of the phone. Didn't want to cover the beautiful Gold back.

Rated 5 out of 5 by SantaMonica from 1st time Galaxy owner As the title says, this is my 1st galaxy to own - and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the details and features it comes with.

I haven't been able to play around with the camera much or anything - except for a few minutes being goofy with my son checking out the options - but it is AWESOME so far. I have done all the tips and taken the phone to the store even thinking that it was a bad phone, but it's still not the best. Other than that, this is the greatest phone - I will definitely be buying another new one when the next upgrade is due!!

Rated 4 out of 5 by Rmcleskey from Great phone overall I really do love this hardware. I feel like I'm from the future when I'm holding it. Unfortunately, I don't feel so futuristic when I'm using it. While many of the software features are great and the os is overall pretty stable, the lack of fluidity can be fairly jarring. Just today I had to restart the phone because it was exhibiting symptoms of a memory leak extreme lag and then apps like the keyboard closing and restarting while using them.

Also, the fluidity of animations leaves a little more polish desired. If Samsung were to just polish up the software a bit more I could comfortably say this is the best phone you can buy.

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Rated 1 out of 5 by beaniebdb from Gorilla Glass? Capable device required for some features. Plan not available for hotspots and some other data-first devices. May not be combined with some offers or discounts. Via 24 monthly bill credits.

Samsung Galaxy S8

If you cancel service, credits stop and remaining balance at full price becomes due. Tax on full price due at sale. Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm: Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm: Samsung Gear S3 frontier: For well-qualified customers.