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Failure of any of these components will lead to loss of data or loss of electrical isolation. In general, coupon tests should be run for a minimum of 1 week. In many cases, it will be worthwhile and desirable to evaluate the effect of time of exposure which can be done by means of a controlled interval test. Corrosion testing is not cheap. These costs should be evaluated in terms of the benefits derived from the information generated by the tests.

In today's process industry, direct maintenance costs associated with a premature corrosion failure usually run to at least tens of thousands of dollars, and frequently into the hundreds of thousands. The business losses associated with such failures can easily be ten times the direct maintenance costs. Considered in this fashion, it seems evident that the expenses of corrosion coupon testing can be easily justified.

At the end of the test, observations of the coupon before cleaning should be recorded photographically if appropriate.

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Samples are cleaned by various means detailed in appropriate specifications to remove all deposits and corrosion products from the unreacted metal. After cleaning, the coupon is weighed again and the corrosion rate is calculated from the weight loss.

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Note that this calculation yields an average rate, assuming perfectly even metal loss from all surfaces. Examine coupons under low power magnification and record evidence of localized attack.

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End grain attack, localized weld attack, intergranular corrosion, accelerated attack in stressed area at the stenciled numbers , and localized attack associated with the mounting hardware should be noted if present. The depth of penetration of localized attack should be determined by means of microscopic examination or metallographic examination.

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Coupon tests are low in cost, simple to conduct, and allow the simultaneous evaluation of numerous materials and variations of a single material. Alloy chemistry variations and metallurgical variations ie. Coupon tests are easily adapted to evaluate specific types of corrosion, such as crevice corrosion and galvanic corrosion. Coupon testing remains a powerful tool in the corrosion engineer's tool kit. Intelligent and systematic use of this tool provides data which allows a knowledgeable and experienced engineer to make reliable predictions of field performance.

There is a large body of literature dealing with corrosion coupon testing. The references listed below will serve as a useful introduction. Line Items in Quote Request:. View PDF version.

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When placing your order for test coupons, please be ready to provide the sales person with information regarding the type of material you are testing, the size of the coupons you require, surface finish desired, and if applicable, mounting hole size and location. Post-Exposure Coupon Analysis Once coupons have been exposed in your system for the determined period of time, send them back to Metal Samples and let our technicians perform weight loss analysis to determine mils per year MPY corrosion rates. When using this service, ensure that initial coupon weights, exposure dates, and locations are recorded for each sample.

This information can be recorded on the front of our VCI coupon storage bags.

Optional services include pit depth measurement and photos of the coupons before and after analysis. With VCI bags, coupons can be protected from corrosion for up to one year when stored under the proper environmental conditions. Pertinent test data, regarding pre- and post-coupon exposure, can be recorded in the appropriate spaces on the front of the bag.

Welded Coupons Welded coupons are used to study the variance in corrosion rates between welded and non-welded metals. Stressed Coupons These coupons are used to monitor stress corrosion cracking which occurs when stress combines with a corrosive environment to attack a material.

Test Racks We offer test racks for the mounting of coupons of various alloys to evaluate how corrosion would effect differing materials in your system. Coupon Holders We carry a variety of pipe plug coupon holders for flat and round specimens , retractable coupon holders hand insertable types for low pressure rating systems and packing gland types for ratings up to 1, psi.

Technical Information on Coupon Testing This article provides general requirements for coupon tests, types of coupon tests, advantages of coupon testing, and other helpful information. Bypass Piping Systems Metal Samples provides bypass piping systems for on-line corrosion monitoring.

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All Rights Reserved. We aim to provide improve insights into the real-world corrosion of materials to help improve your quality and operations.

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Some examples of our corrosion consulting include:. Our lab capabilities include testing for stress corrosion cracking, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion, and other localized corrosion, as well as weight loss and corrosion coupon analysis. We support the development of next-gen corrosion detection and characterization technologies of G2MT.